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  • $350.00 AUD

    Introducing SQF (Squadra Feroce) by Babici. The women have roared and we have delivered our first women's only race kit designed to perform as fierce as it looks. Based on Babici's ProCut bespoke...
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  • $350.00 AUD

    At Babici we know a thing or two about speed suits. Over the years we've crafted some amazing suits for elite-level cyclists worldwide. Through trial and error, we've arrived at a suit so fast and...
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  • $275.00 AUD

    Inspired by the CFV community is the V2 CFV Kit by Babici. The brief was Freedom and the outcome that encapsulated that feeling was the tranquility of the twilight before your morning ride.
  • $350.00 AUD

    Babici's product evolution continues to grow adding the beautiful Nettuno Tri suit tp the product mix. Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of Ironman events, the Nettuno suit delivers...
  • $150.00 AUD

    Bangkok's largest cycling club continues to grow and inspire its members to take up cycling, growing fitter and stronger by the day. With their unique identity and hoards of members, Babici is...
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