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As a culturally diverse and creatively skewed brand, Babici continues to celebrate the beauty of humanity in its purist form. The Kafiya neck gaiter carries the legacy of the Salam jersey and adds a simple yet creative aesthetic for your cooler rides.

Babici Gift Cards

When time is against you and you need a quick gift idea for someone special, the Babici Gift Card is the perfect solution to your needs. Designed to inspire as much as a reward, the Babici Gift Card is posted in premium Babici packaging to your nominated recipient. Set your own value in...

Carrera II

Gen II Carrera gloves feature a slight aesthetic design change and a full lycra top. Designed to feel like a second skin, the Carrera's deliver a contoured yet comfortable fit, whilst protecting your hands when most needed. With their stealth design and...

Logo Socks

Babici's cycling socks have been carefully designed to suits Australia's and South East Asia's climates. Woven with detailed thread compositions to enhance comfort and moisture dispersal, the Logo socks are our latest addition to the Babici collection.

Sydney T

Being a world renown city comes with the expectation of having a T-Shirt that claims your origins. We're delighted to oblige with the Babici Sydney T-Shirt. Demanded by our customers worldwide, we've finally released a premium quality Babici Sydney T.

Plume Socks

Complimenting the unique Plume jersey are the intricate yet beautiful socks by Babici. Made from a blend of performance threads woven and printed into a robust yet comfortable cycling sock, Plume is a limited edition design ready for Spring cycling.

Nero Base Layer

Base layers have always been an optional item debated by many cyclists. Fact is, Base layers add a 2nd skin protecting cyclists from the sun, irritation, weather and improves moisture dispersion by drawing perspiration to the surface of the fabric. Babici Base layers are made with the highest...

California Socks

Complimenting the California jersey are these sublime performance orientated cycling socks by Babici. Capturing the essence of the Californian backdrop, the Cali socks are an eye catching design that delivers comfort and function on your ride.

Italia T

Nothing says Italy more than the symbolic Green, White & Red hues. New to our casual range is the Italia-T designed to celebrate the creative culture of Italian design. Printed and assembled in Australia, Italia-T is made from a premium mid-weight cotton yarn with a perfect slim fit cut.


Introducing the Urbano Hoodie by Babici. A super thick impeccably stitched and embroidered winter casual layer.

Logo21 Socks

New to 2021 is the Logo sock by Babici. Made from a blend of performance thread, spun to create a lightweight, moisture disbursing quality sock to complement your Babici kit and daily ride.

Logo Snap

Logo21 has inspired this year's collection with our creative direction reverting back to a clean branded look. A simple stealth snapback cap with quality execution, endorsed by the Babici premium seal of approval. Get your Logo Snap today. One size fits all.