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Babici's fascination with cultural diversity allows our curiosity and creativity to explore new and exciting aesthetics from across the globe. Whilst the humble bandana is nothing new, it does look amazing on a Babici collection jersey. New to collection 2021 is the Papi jersey, tipped to be...


The soul of Spain's history is filtered through the province of Andalucia. With its rich, textured & graphic influences the essence of Andalucia is captured in a beautiful design that is nothing more than art on a bicycle. Coupled with its high-performance attributes and attention to...

Maglia Rosa

This year the most beautiful of tours celebrates its 90th anniversary traversing the cols of Italy and its neighbouring countries. As the inspiration behind the Babici brand, we honour the Giro d'Italia and Italian cycling with this limited edition Maglia Rosa. Individually numbered and...


One of our favourite cities in the world is no other than Los Angeles California. With it's breathtaking coastline and steep peaks surrounding the city, California's weather and terrain are ideal cycling conditions for Babici apparel. The California jersey celebrates the beauty and passion of...


Designed in 2018 and reintroduced more than any other Babici design, the Shippou jersey has spearheaded the Nippon range for half a decade. With only a few left and not to be remade, own one of the last Shippou jerseys to be made by Babici.