The EveryDay Knicks by Babici

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What started as a price sensitive product designed and made to deliver basic functionality in a cycling knicks soon became quite the sought after product on First created and launched in 2011, the EDK's fit the bill from day one as an affordable product in a high-value category.

For the next six years, the EDK's improved with every iteration through customer feedback and insight. From the cut to the textiles, grippers to printing, the EDK's continued to evolve into a premium quality product they are today. Starting what was a basic four-panel construction made right here in Sydney Australia, the EDK's matured to a high-tech garment featuring worlds best textiles and the ever so popular 3D chamois by Babici.

Having enjoyed all the successes over the years as one of the most popular Babici products ever, it was time to introduce the EDW (The EverDay Woman) to the Babici product portfolio. The EDW's were designed to contour the feminine frame making provisions for a modesty panel in the chest and tapered cut for optimum performance and fit. Since their introduction, the EDW's have been a popular cycling knick for women across the globe with their high-quality manufacturing and performance attributes.

Watch this space on the Everyday Knicks as their evolution will continue to add value through their constant development.

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