A cycling short is as good as the pad inside it.

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At the foothills of the famous Monte Grappa in the small industrial town of Bassano Del Grappa, northern Italy is our friend and partner, Martino Bontorin of Dolomiti. What started as a coffee at Coogee Beach, Sydney eight years ago has flourished into a partnership that has created and delivered thousands of cycling knicks to our customers worldwide.

Immediately after meeting Martino, we knew his passion and family legacy in cycling innovation was exactly the partnership we were looking for. However, before Martino took over the family business, there was one man who tirelessly continued to design, develop and innovate in the back room, his father, Imerio.

Through the decades of designing and manufacturing one specific product, Dolomiti grew their experience and trust in the pro-cycling ranks as one of the world's leaders in chamois design and manufacturing. Italy is no stranger to quality and Dolomiti has perfected the art of chamois manufacturing to a precise and effective folio of products. Every year, we work with Dolomiti to feed back our customer needs and develop new chamois that are unique to the Australian & South East Asian markets.

Using the world's best textiles, foams, gels and proprietary manufacturing processes, the chamois being produced at Dolomiti are worn by pro-tour winners and their teams. For Babici, "using the same technology as the pros in every garment we make adds value to our customer experience", says Babici Founder & Creative Director Kev Babakian. 

Here is what Dolomiti say about their products: The fabrics used in the production of our pads are carefully treated with a permanent anti-bacterial process using the latest technological micro-fibers.  By improving the air flow of our pads, we ensure a feeling of freshness and comfort, avoiding unpleasant odours.

Uncomfortable skin irritation is totally eliminated due to the absence of seams. The perforated foam keeps skin dry and never loses its density and support, even after many washes.

The use of new technologies for assembly and thermoforming renders all our pads amongst the most innovative and best performing in the market. The top fabric of all our models has a soft and pleasant feeling to the touch. They are resistant to tearing and abrasion while maintaining an extraordinary elasticity. All our models and styles have been tested by a professional team of cyclists.

Babici have designed and developed over a dozen chamois to date and have arrived at the latest Quattro pre-shaped chamois that is lighter, faster wicking, denser and more responsive than any other product on the market. What makes the Quattro so much better is the unique foam used in the construction that derives from the automotive industry. This unique property is exclusive to Dolomiti however, it is the proprietary manufacturing process that allows the chamois to be constructed from one piece foam.

Currently, Babici is using three chamois developed for our product ranges. From the 3D used in EDKs & Finito to the Elite 3D used in our bespoke program, to the Quattro being launched with our Quattro knicks in late 2017.

There's no doubting the importance of the chamois in cycling and in the 'broken English with a northern Italian accent' words of Martino's pitch, "A cycling short is as good as the pad inside it".

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