EDK. The Cycling Democracy.

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There's no doubting that high-performance high-quality cycling apparel is a costly investment. Five years ago, Babici created the EveryDay Knicks that enabled entry level minded cyclists to own a quality garment at an entry level price. The EDK's continued to sell out given their value, quality and likeability and have now evolved to their third iteration.

This year (2017) Babici created the EveryDay Kits. Simple design, high quality cycling kits at an affordable price point. The objective for the EDK's is to democratise cycling fashion. "We want more cyclists feeling comfortable and looking great on their rides without having to compromise their quality of life" says Babici founder Kev Babakian.

The EveryDay Kits are made from high quality Italian textiles, chamois and grippers and manufactured to Babici's highest production standards. The range will continue to evolve ensuring cyclists have a go to brand for daily cycling apparel.

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