The Tour Down Under Just got personal.

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The history of Australian cycling spans across the generations of junior and amateur cyclists to ultimately the professional ranks. Born from the suburban depths of country and city racing, the national jersey represented more than winning. It was the pride of the club and town that raised that generation of national champion.


For over a decade, we've wanted to create a national jersey that captured the essence of Australian cycling history and culture. When we stumbled across the historic road championship jersey, we immediately wanted to base our design one the legacy that jersey has earned and delivered.

Whilst capturing the original hues relating to each state on the bands, our base green needed to be complimentary and uniquely Australian. Whilst palette and design was critical, contemporising the jersey cut to suit modern day cycling allowed us to craft a beautifully looking and highly functional technical garment.

Taking one step further into the realm of personalisation is the ability to offer our customers printed customisation on the side panels of the jersey. Tapping into the personalisation space is a big step for cycling apparel and we're grateful to be leading this process for our customers.

The Tour Down Under holds a special place in Australia's cycling culture being the pinnacle of aspiration for developing local talent. We're grateful to be contributing to this unique experience and event with an even more unique and limited edition product.

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