Quattro by Babici. Cycling apparel innovation.

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What does Creatinine, Potassium K+ & Creatine phosphokinase have in common with cycling? Just about everything to athletes when training and recovering. Quattro was a concept created by Babici that curated the worlds best technical textiles and trims to design and develop a high performance knick for the elite athlete. Every component of the Quattro has been carefully considered and tested over eighteen months of trial and error. Today we are ecstatic to take you through the thinking. 

The Quattro knicks are made from a Physiotech four-way stretch textile that aids in the optimisation of recovery and training load, reduction of muscle heaviness and stiffness, delay in lactic acid rise, reduction of cramping, endurance gains and explosiveness & injury prevention.

These claims have been quantified through targeted clinical studies by Payen France. To learn more about the clinical results visit Aquatech 

Coupled with the clinical performance benefits in the unique four-way stretch innovation designed into the Quattro fabric, the knicks deliver constant progressive compression and elasticity whilst contouring the body for symmetric and asymmetric compression. This allows the athlete to experience dynamic comfort and freedom in multi-directional movement.

As the primary textile delivers the core benefits of the Quattro knicks the trims used to bind the garment together have been carefully curated to match the performance benefit of the Quattro, making it one of the finest and most advanced products on the market. Using a high-tech, elasticised strap by leading Italian manufactures and finishing off with a 75mm silicon backed gripper enables the Quattro to conform to the body through elite level finishing ensuring the knicks delivery comfort and performance at every touchpoint.

No pair of knicks is complete without the core component that delivers the pinnacle aspect of cycling performance, the humble chamois. Designed to deliver a lighter and more responsive rebound from the seat positioning coupled with faster drying and moisture dispersion, the Quattro chamois is made from a 3D webbing technology unique to our Italian manufacturer and to the world's leaders in cycling apparel manufacturing.

Originally designed for the pro tour to eliminate the weight and stiffness of traditional pads, the technology within the Quattro chamois delivers a smooth anti-friction and bacterial surface along with optimum moisture dispersion making it one of the lightest and most effective chamois available exclusively to Babici. To learn more about Babici's chamois and our processes, read the following post, Babici Chamois.

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