About Babici

Founded in 2009, Babici was first created by designer and keen cyclist, Kev Babakian borne out of a passion for the sport and for that of the craft of design. As a Master of Design from the University of Technology Sydney and having spent three decades as a brand designer and creative director, Kev's experience translated seamlessly into his vision to create one of the leaders of the world in performance apparel design. In just a few short years since Babici is today one of the most coveted boutique designer cycling brands in the world.

Recognised for its unique design signature and lauded for its technical finesse and quality of make, Babici has quickly earned a place in elite global cycling circles as a lauded name synonymous with champions. Babici works closely with high-end Italian fabric mills and the finest chamois manufacturers in the world towards a finished product that is unparalleled. Leaders in precise patterning with stretch fabric processing, Babici is today also commissioned by several other leading cycle brands globally.

Fusing an all-Australian sensibility and featuring witty design details combined with a European aesthetic for classic symbolism, Babici fulfills a distinctive niche in the market, emerging as a mark of genuine high performance. With an expanding profile and developing markets across Europe, Asia, and throughout the US, Babici remains committed to inspiring design and the highest quality of making overall…true hallmarks of a future design classic, and one destined for even greater success and ultimate longevity.

For more information on Babici, please contact info@babici.cc For more on Kev Babakian visit AFR or LinkedIn