Babici was founded in 2009 by Australian designer Kev Babakian who fused his passion for cycling with a love affair for design. Through this unique blend the brand has grown to become one of Australia's leading cycling apparel labels. Babici experienced rapid growth when the demand for an Australian brand became highly sought after by cycling enthusiasts both locally and abroad.

Babici's design vision is of understated simplicity and sophistication. Choosing neutral palettes with no complexity and impeccable attention to detail is proving to be a highly desirable offering for the cycling community.

Kev Babakian - Founder of Babici.

Babici rapidly became known for its design prowess and its unique aesthetic style and palette. The apparel was well received by the public and media who supported the products from day one. As a highly sought after brand, Babici established its credentials as a Cycling Design company which marketed its own brand of cycling apparel, bike frames and accessories.

Babici works closely with high end Italian fabric mills and chamois manufacturers. Having sourced the best of breed in both categories, Babici is able to collate the material to form exclusive patterns and designs for each range. Babici's assembly plants are commissioned by cycling's top tier brands and are experienced in providing accurate stretch fabric manufacturing processes.

Babici thrives on being inspired by Europe, the birth place of elite cycling. With fashion, palettes, history and cycling nostalgia, the designs that emerge from the Babici fold brings Europe that little bit closer to home. With a campaign proposition of Inspired by Europe, Fairdinkum Australian, Babici has struck a chord with the Australian public as a purveyour of quality cycling gear.

When it comes to servicing its fans, Babici is focussed entirely on delivering to their needs. Babici endeavours to build relationships with its fans through various means and continues to develop products and gain support from the people who make the brand what it is today.

The future for Babici continues to evolve season by season and is now venturing into Europe and the United States. We thank all our supporters who have been instrumental in helping build Australia's first high end pure cycling brand.

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