The Imerio Chamois will also feature in the Lumiére range available in October 2012.


With twelves months in development and one of the most advanced chamois on the market, the Imerio chamois by Babici will feature in the HiBrido range launching in may 2012 and will continue to be the chamois of choice for Babici bib knicks in the future.

After acquiring some of the best road cycling chamois on the market, Babici realised that there was clearly some thought missing from the designs used to date. The most utilised area on a saddle is the perineal section of the body, which often creeps forward on the saddle when in an optimum cycling and race position.


Babici teamed up with Italian cycling chamois manufacturers Dolomiti from Trevisio Italia, to design a cycling chamois that would compliment the most utilised areas of the body when on a bike. The starting point was to replicate the saddle shape in reverse as this was the obvious contact point for the body. We soon understood that excess padding and gels beyond this precise shape would be redundant use of materials, leading to chafing and saddle sores.


By identifying the key contact and usage areas through long rides and shorter race type positions, Babici and Dolomiti added a medium density foam and gel inserts in the perineal section and perimeter of the buttocks. This design ensured to maximise comfort in the targeted areas it was meant to aid. By also focussing on these key targeted zones, the Imerio chamois retained a sleek profile and ultra comfortable design.


With the shape and comfort factors in place, we needed to add a moisture control and anti-friction channel through the center of the chamois, that also provided comfort to the male and female anatomy. There are four key fabrics used throughout the Imerio chamois, which boasts a completely stitch free form. These fabrics are manufactured by Miti from Italy. The same company that manufactures the Babici cycling apparel fabrics.


One of the key innovations within the Imerio chamois is the complete chamois to saddle design. This chamois is stitched on the perimeter of the chamois and knick fabric and does not sit within a layer of fabric. This design ensures optimum comfort and zero movement on the saddle. The outer layer of the chamois is a Cordura lycra that is ultra durable and helps to disperse moisture promptly.