Opening its doors in September 2016 is Babici's next frontier in its promise to deliver beautiful performance apparel to its customers worldwide.

Situated in the heart of Sydney's design precinct, the Surry Hills store is a design masterpiece in itself. Created by founder Kev Babakian, with every element designed to reflect Babici's passion for cycling and high end design, "Babici Sydney is a game changer for the cycling apparel market" says Babici founder and creative director Kev Babakian. With an abundance of low quality products available online, Babici harnessed the insight of intangibility and accessibility as a key motivator for customers wanting to experience premium brands in their environments.

"Our customers are delighted to pop in and meet the owner and designer of the brand right here in our Sydney store. We wanted our customers to know we are real people with a real passion for cycling and design. Hiding behind the interent was no way to relate to the custimers who have built this brand over the past nine years. We are glad to have made this refreshing move" says Kev.

Designed to welcome local and international customers to experience the Babici brand first hand, Babici Sydney is a creative space complete with its velodrome backdrop, chilled beats and great coffee at the adjoining cafe. Open six days a week in the hussle of Sydney, the Babici store is a welcoming and must visit location for any passionate cyclist visiting Sydney.