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There's no doubt that we love track cycling. The one thing missing was a decent sock specific to the pista. With the industry scrambling to out qualify each other with the tallest sock, we've created an anklet with all the performance benefits of a pro level cycling sock. Featuring the destinct markings of the velodrome coupled with Babici branding, the Sprinter socks are a new paradigm.

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The Italo high tops composition is made up of 87% Nylon, 10% Spandex, 3 % Elastic. The socks function to keep the foot stable in the shoe through their elastic properties, yet retain enough flexibility to not constrict the blood flow. Designed in sections to house the aerated fabric compositions, the Italo is a light and functional sock that looks the part.

Euro Size          USA Size            AUS & UK
S-M  39 - 42      S-M  7 - 9            S-M  6 - 8
L-XL 43 - 45      L-XL 10 - 11.5      L-XL 9 - 10.5

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