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The art of Arnhem Land holds a special place in the hearts of the art world. We're privileged to share the land and culture of the Aboriginal people and to present the Arnhem Collection to the cycling world. A carefully curated and managed collection of original indigenous art pieces through our partners at Kirrikin Australia, we're delighted to present to you the first jersey by Yondee.

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Yondee is a Noongar artist from the traditional lands of the Noongar people. Born in Dumbleyung which is derived from the Aboriginal word 'Dambeling' meaning large lake, Yondee remembers this lake as a child and being told stories of the Wagal (rainbow snake) in its waters. 

The Yondee Jersey features the following attributes:

• Premium quality Italian textiles

• Fitted contoured cut

• 50+fp sun protection

• Premium Babici detailing

• Authentic original artist painted textile print

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