The Babici design aesthetic is based on cultural nuances. We believe in the beauty of cultural diversity and what it brings to humanity. As a brand, our quest is to unite the world through our love and appreciation of cycling, and our logo underpins this ambition. Our logo is a symbol dedicated to peace, harmony, and equality. We hope our...


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Babici Product Information

For over a decade, Babici has sourced its raw materials from the world's leading high-performance textile manufacturers. Spanning across Europe, Babici's suppliers have been carefully selected to deliver world-class products from sustainably aligned manufacturing to innovation-led product development. Every detail within a Babici product has been critically considered to deliver the highest standards of performance apparel on the market today.

Babici Product Quality

Babici's products are made from predominantly warp knit Italian textiles that deliver optimum durability and high-performance functionality. With generations of research and development, our carefully curated textiles and trims are sewn together to produce the premium quality products available worldwide.

Babici's jerseys contain four different textiles that each contribute to the performance needed for elite cycling. Based on a four-way stretch weave, the jerseys feature UV protection, high breathability, Pilling resistance, shape protection, and compression muscle control.

With the textiles in check, the most important aspect of any cycling kit is the chamois. Designed and manufactured by our North Italian partners, Babici's chamois is over a decade of trial and refinement to achieve what is our most popular and sought-after chamois to date. The Babici 3D chamois is constructed to be gender-neutral, anti-bacterial, fast moisture dispersing, and high breathability. The 3D chamois ensures no friction from vertically protruding details, having a flat microfibre surface with a 88% Polyester & 12% Elastane composition, laminated onto a dimpled 8mm perforated, 4mm high-density foam. Finally, the chamois laminated one last time to a 10mm memory foam and passed through the one-piece construction and die-cutting process. The chamois construction is reversed showing a flat surface contact to the body and the detailed ergonomic shape facing the saddle.

 Babici Jersey Compositions

  • Fabric 1: 84% Polyester, 14% Elastane, 130gr
  • Fabric 2: 100% Polyester, 6% Elastane, 110gr
  • Fabric 3: 100% Polyester. 120gr
  • Fabric 4: 72% Poliamide, 18% Elastane, 245gr

Babici Knick Compositions

  • Fabric 1: 72% Poliamide, 18% Elastane, 225gr
  • Fabric 1: 80% Poliamide, 20% Elastane, 240gr
  • Fabric 4: 72% Poliamide, 18% Elastane, 245gr
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Your Cycling kit is delicate and expensive and caring for it the right way helps to keep it intact for many seasons of riding.

Most leading apparel brands use high-quality European performance textiles and their lightweight composition can be tricky to care for.

When washing your Cycling kit, here are the fundamentals:

• Best to use an antibacterial liquid washing product

• Washing by hand in luke-warm water is recommended

• If washing in a machine, best put into a woven washing bag

• Always turn your kit inside out. It helps avoid friction from machine wall contact

• Always hang your kits on clothes hangers to dry

• Dry in the shade where possible. The Sun can deteriorate printed fabrics

• Never tumble or dry clean your kits

Please remember Cycling kits are hand-made and in most cases machine stitched.
Their lightweight nature and harsh treatment in the saddle does fatigue the garments and stitching can come undone and
is deemed wear and tear under Babici's product liability and warranty.