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La Boheme

The much anticipated La Boheme jersey by Babici is designed to capture the essence of Bohemian aesthetics, La Boheme is as much a piece of art as it is a cycling jersey. Order your limited edition La Boheme jersey today.


Every year we translate more of Australia's eclectic culture into beautiful cycling apparel. This year we draw our design inspiration from the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. With its natural saturated and vibrant hues, Reef by Babici is a must-have limited edition jersey for 2020.


There's a certain comfort and style in floral prints making Flores by Babici the perfect rendition to this year's collection. Capturing the floral essence of muted hues and soft palettes, Flores is our a must-have 2020 collection jersey by Babici.


At Babici we give a Buzz about our environment and whilst we can't control most things, we can certainly help these little guys out. We're setting up a Babici hive and through your support, our friends at will be turning your jersey investment into honey. Order your jersey today...


Cultural diversity drives Babici's creative quest to explore and bring to life the beauty of diversity. Shiraz captures the essence of Persian art in a beautifully crafted jersey. Pre-Order your limited edition Shiraz today and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

5th Ave

5th Ave by Babici is our little black jersey of the cycling world. Designed with minimalist aesthetics and technical superiority, 5th Ave adds a certain classic cycling chic to your ride. Made from the world's finest performance textiles and assembled to Babici's highest standards, the 5th is...


The Nippon range has been a much loved and anticipated collection from Babici. This year we explore authentic textures and patterns to combine Japanese design aesthetics and hues. The Osaka jersey by Babici is the latest addition to the Nippon range.


Our home town of Sydney has many iconic treasures and a standout is the world famous Bondi beach. Capturing the essence of this beautiful destination in a jersey was an exciting and rewarding process in seeing the final product.


Through our quest to highlight some of Australia's cultural nuances, the Red Belly is our most adventurous to date. As a revered Australian reptile, the Red Belly is very much part of Australian culture. Aggressive yet beautiful, the Red Belly captured as a cycling skin is a striking design...


Another iconic jersey added to our collection this summer is the stunning Logo jersey by Babici. Simply stunning in its aesthetic coupled with its technically superior construction, Logo by Babici is a must-have collection item for 2019.

Quattro Nero

Design innovation underpins all Babici products. From the intricacies of pattern design to the collation of the latest textiles, our products are crafted to deliver optimum comfort and performance for your riding or racing. The Quattro range has been developed to focus purely on performance...


The much anticipated and talked about Salam jersey by Babici is ready for pre-order. The kaffiyeh is a bedouin scarf and head shelter used in hot climates offering protection from the sun. Its cultural beauty has been adopted by the fashion world and used as a layered accessory making it a...