Bespoke by Babici. Designers & tailors or beautiful cycling apparel.

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Welcome to bespoke by Babici, a premium custom cycling apparel product. The bespoke concept derived from our customers demanding a tailored bespoke offering outside the market conventions. As a premium brand, Babici’s focus on quality and design translated into a personalised tailoring design service for the quality conscious and informed cyclist.

Renowned worldwide for our design prowess, Babici design and manufacture premium bespoke cycling apparel for groups, clubs and organisations. With a blue chip list of clientele, Babici’s reach has spread across the globe cladding passionate cyclists in premium cycling apparel with their own identity.

Design is at the essence of all Babici products. Creating and translating identities into a group experience is a rewarding process that yields much enjoyment, whilst uniting people through their passion for cycling.

Babici’s quest to source the worlds best performance textiles, trims and accessories is a never ending process. Every year, Babici improves the quality and functionality of its bespoke offering by searching the globe for the details that make Babici’s products the most sought after bespoke design products in Australia.

Babici’s relationship with Italy started from the brands humble beginning with a vested interest in sourcing textiles from global leaders of stretch/performance manufacturing. Italy is no stranger to quality and design and Babici’s primary supply chain stems from the region of Trevisio, north Italy. Babici’s premium bespoke kits are 100% Tessuto Italiano - fabric of Italy.

Bespoke by Babici is an experience exclusive to customers and aficionados of quality and design. To learn more about the design process and Babici please contact