Carlo. The Beautiful Ride Episode 1

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At 82 years, Carlo Ghisolfi is one of those hardened athletes that has committed a lifetime to a sport he loves. Born in Pavia Italy in 1935, Carlo fell into cycling as a sport due to the bicycle being his families only means of transport. With a disabled father and hardworking mother, Carlo fended for himself as a child growing up the hard way during the war.

At the age of 12 Carlo has a brush with cycling fame when he was awarded a bottle of CocaCola by the famous Gino Bartalli during a local criterium race in his village. It was this experience that inspired Carlo to start racing as a junior and growing through the amateur ranks.

By 18 years old, Carlo was a regular peloton racer in the local criterium, road and gran-fondo circuits along with national representation at the Olympics for Italy.

Having spent a lifetime racing and loving the sport of cycling, Carlo spends his time in Sydney Australia spectating local events and of course riding every day.

To learn more about this charismatic character, watch his #beautifulride by Babici.