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Logo21 Socks

New to 2021 is the Logo sock by Babici. Made from a blend of performance thread, spun to create a lightweight, moisture disbursing quality sock to complement your Babici kit and daily ride.

Logo Socks

Babici's cycling socks have been carefully designed to suits Australia's and South East Asia's climates. Woven with detailed thread compositions to enhance comfort and moisture dispersal, the Logo socks are our latest addition to the Babici collection.

Plume Socks

Complimenting the unique Plume jersey are the intricate yet beautiful socks by Babici. Made from a blend of performance threads woven and printed into a robust yet comfortable cycling sock, Plume is a limited edition design ready for Spring cycling.

California Socks

Complimenting the California jersey are these sublime performance orientated cycling socks by Babici. Capturing the essence of the Californian backdrop, the Cali socks are an eye catching design that delivers comfort and function on your ride.