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Tessuto Italiano

Premium Italian textiles top to bottom

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Aesthetically curated by world class designers

Culturally Sensitive

Creating products that align to cultural nuances

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Babici bespoke services our global cycling community & clientele

Designers & tailors of beautiful cycling apparel

For over a decade, we've been dedicated to designing and crafting the most beautiful customised cycling kits on the road. With an attention to detail process and the curation of the worlds finest performance textiles, chamois and trims, the Babici Bespoke products are nothing less than a collection quality garment designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Adored and worn around the world, Bespoke by Babici is a premium quality custom kit offering, desired by cyclists who demand the very best.

Premium Quality Bespoke

For over a decade, Babici have been crafting the worlds finest performance textiles into striking cycling apparel designed with consideration and manufactured to almost perfection. Babici's insatiable quest to deliver the highest standard apparel has been the underlying essence of the thousands of happy customers around the world.

World wide availability

At Babici, we have no boundaries to our reach with customers adorning Babici Bespoke kits around the world. With an understanding of cultural nuances and sizing expectation, our design team have the experience to create products suited to specific customers needs.

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