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Lets get you fitted properly

There's no doubting the frustration of getting your kit fitting perfectly. We've put together a few body shapes that can help you compare against the fit you like.

When it comes to choosing the right size, Babici recommends that you study this chart and ensure you are happy with your closest size. Please remember that cycling apparel is made of stretch fabric and it has a comfortable 10% stretch in height and width. Choosing the right size is dependent on how you like to wear your cycling apparel. There is no set guideline in any apparel sizing and all body shapes respond to different brands and their sizing charts. Babici has created sizing that is universal and gender neutral, for tight race feel for greater comfort and performance on and off your bike.


Small Jersey

Small Knicks

5'5" 65kg


Small Womens Jersey

Small Knicks

5'8" 60kg


Medium Jersey

Medium Knicks

6ft 75kg


Small Jersey

Small Knicks

5'10" 70kg


XSmall Womens Jersey

Small Knicks

5'5" 53kg