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Apparel Innovation

Apparel Innovation - Babici

Spanning over a twelve month development cycle, our design team worked in tandem with the Australian athletes, heading over to race world championships and Olympic qualifying events, to create the fastest possible suits for the Bobsleigh and Skeleton events.

As aerodynamics plays a fundamental role in the downhill timed events, the garment construction required critical design to ensure the performance attributes were paramount in the garments functionality. Through a rigorous and considered performance audit, our design team were able to create critical, functional design improvements that would not only deliver high performance functionality but also comfort and durability.

High performance athletes push their events and performances beyond their comfort levels and accidents do happen. This insight helped us to curate the appropriate textile compositions to deliver to each disciplines needs. Our textile choices were from one Europe's highest grade textile mills which enabled us to deliver body temperature regulation, crash protection and recovery compression. Babici achieved this by specifying the appropriate textiles to the garment design segments.

We're delighted to have helped the Australian Team achieve their performance goals and excited to have helped get them onto the podium.

Babici Winter Race Suits are available to federations worldwide. Please contact for more information.

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